Here at Sanford, we are always eager to please you. We have constructed and managed landscapes of residential and commercial areas over the course of many years and have produced some of the finest golf courses.

Our center of attention is not our trade, but you. Commitment and quality is what we promise. We commit to you with the detail and value that enhances your enjoyment. Our services range from observational tours for layout and design to developing a master plan for a golf course.

We specialize in construction, maintenance, and renovation of residential and commercial landscapes and golf courses. We have dedicated teams that deal with a wide array of tasks, ranging from the primary layout implementation to a more technical workflow. We offer a broad range of designs, redesigns, and renovation for golf courses.

We are always more than eager to manage and maintain your landscape as our years of experience has equipped us with the knowledge to cater to your needs and respond in the promptest manner possible.

Our small scale development projects for landscape architecture and golf course designs have marked their excellence by providing you with services that can go beyond the established standards. Unlike other design firms, we have hired experts to develop a system that eliminates the need for tedious CAD tasks – this is instead done by our design software which is able to make designs quickly and give us more time to focus on design, which is exactly the creative endeavor that we strive for.

We have over a thousand completed landscapes, a large number of satisfied clients, and many golf courses credited to our name. We understand that it is a big investment for you and we will help you protect and manage your property.