Sandford has serviced over 50 successful courses and has accumulated a vast experience. Whether it is your personal backyard or a golf course, our team is ready to serve you. We specialize in planning and constructing residential and commercial landscapes and golf courses.

We have a team dedicated to each phase of the construction process. From the primary layout to the technical details to final touches; each is dealt with by a separate department. The process includes cost control, cost estimation, planning and implementation, permission grant, site supervision, and after service as well (if needed). We offer separate planning and site supervision services that is central for any project. We are also certified by the CES and HOAI.

Our experts are adept at using innovating technologies that will preserve the beauty of your landscape. For example, our sprinkle system is best for providing full coverage to your lawn. You can have a beautiful garden at your home and also increase the face value of your property. Moreover, the aesthetic beauty of your place will grow as time moves on.

Landscape Design

Sandford has made its appearance in many projects. From small scale to large scale projects, we have gained an extensive experience in supervising landscapes and golf course projects, including golf course upkeep. We take pride in having worked on a wide range of projects. 

Our standards go above and beyond providing quality service to you. We can fasten the tedious process of landscape development through our automated software that helps automate the tedious CAD-related tasks such as 3D modeling of full-sized golf courses. We also have a pre-designed sandbox for recreating full-sized golf simulator environments that helps us understand the terrain better. This also helps us in safety analysis and for taking precautionary measures.

Golf Course Services

We also specialize in the finest golf course designs that you will ever see. We have specialized teams that attend to course implementation, project management, renovation, and maintenance. Our team understands the crucial aspects of a golf course and have high expertise in implementing those ideas with the finest of their abilities. We understand that every golf course is an investment and every investment demands time and money; therefore, we have a very simple philosophy and that is to implement a workflow that is simple and cost-efficient. 

We follow a simple, yet well thought out, approach in implementing our golf course designs. We set clearly defined goals and their deadlines after conservatively measuring the feasibility. This plan of action is mutually agreed upon by us and our clients to make sure we are on the same page.

Our design philosophy is simple: it should be pleasing to the eye and should follow the intended functioning. The trees, lush greens, and bunkers must all work together to provide a pleasing effect to the eye. At our helm, you get a functional and appealing golf course. If your goal is to improve your game or improve your marketing, the Sandford team is forever ready to assist you.