Welcome to Sanford Golf. We are a proud golf course design and landscaping company operating in Milledgeville and servicing all of Georgia. Landscaping is an art. It is an art where you create and play with the beauty already bestowed on this world. Beauty is natural but it takes skill to create something out of it that has an artistic value.

Our landscape company is comprised of individuals who have years of experience in just about every aspect of landscaping and golf course design. We specialize in landscape architecture. At Sanford, we are super pumped to help you out and are very customer-oriented. Our team is a collection of individuals who are committed to their work and creating designs that satisfy our clients. Our company uses all the best practices for installation and maintenance services and works closely with companies that offer landscaping in Milledgeville GA. Our aim is to help you get the landscape of your dreams with the lowest costs possible.

Before we proceed with any installation, our team conducts an onsite evaluation of the area so that things can move smoothly as planned. Our technical team then renders a prototype CAD model of the area to examine it in as much detail as possible and blend it in with the design. This also helps us calculate the most accurate costs that will incur on a particular project; this is how we provide you with the lowest costs possible.

We pay keen attention to design as it is the most critical part of any landscape whether it is for your residential garden or a golf course. For that, we provide pre-consultation to better understand our clients’ needs and expectations. Our team will also recommend you designs that you may not have considered but will better suit your end plan – this ensures that we are providing the best possible customer service.

Our design and implementation procedure is fine-tuned to properly sustain the system of checks and balances during the construction phase. We have put this in place so that the end results reflect the intended design concept which is also a reflection of our clients’ expectations. We try our utmost to make sure that all our clients’ expectations are met at their fullest.

We have a portfolio from servicing hundreds of clients and have created wonders from oasis to fully-fledged golf courses for them. Although the ultimate decision is yours, our team usually has something up their sleeve that you most probably haven’t thought of; this is a key part of our implementation philosophy. The consultation not only helps create the best designs but also enables us to have a high client satisfaction rate. At Sanford, we help you create and pick the design that is the best for you.

Another key part is that we don’t design first and show it later. Instead, we show you the design while it is being created. We let you observe and help create the design. Check out our services page for more information.